Houdini FX Pyro Simulation

To create this particular FX shot the smoke had to follow along a path; when converting thesimulation to VDBs, everything was deleted except for density, then that was merged back with the Pyro emitter. This gave the smoke a light and airy appearence.
Responsible for all assets.


Mustard, Meet Pretzel

Houdini FX FLIP Fluids
Responsible for all assets.


Portrait of Virginia

Created using Houdini FX, Photoshop, Premiere.

A tribute to Jean Tinguely and his 1963 kinetic sculpture, "Portrait of Virginia".

Tinguely’s creation is made up of a delicate arrangement of wires, a fireplace andiron, a radio circuit board, and a motor that causes the tuning dial to flip between stations.
Responsible for all assets, including procedural animation using expressions.


Crimson Peak

Created using Maya, Photoshop, Premiere, rendered with RenderMan.

Inspired by Guillermo Del Toro's visual masterpiece, "Crimson Peak". The film showcases beautiful sets and an eerie mood. The goal here was to re-create a scene from the film in CG.

Responsible for all assets.

final render, using RenderMan

geometry in my scene

shot from Del Toro’s film

first version, created using Maya's native renderer


Season Change — Matte Painting

Created in Photoshop.
Responsible for all assets including photography, editing, and digital painting.

original photography

original photography

clean “Fall” plate


Lady Murphy's Flight

 Hand-made model inspired by the “Jolly Roger”.

The Making Of


Model created using laser cutting, foam sculpting, woodworking, painting, clay sculpting, kit bashing, and sewing skillsets. 
Filmed on Panasonic GH4 using a Motion Control Rig. Edited in Final Cut X, FX in Adobe AfterFX, audio in ProTools.