Casey Ranae Roberts

 vfx | animation | design

While pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Effects at the Savannah College of Art and Design, I have developed a well-rounded knowledge of lighting, shading, modeling, FX, and digital painting. Combining my understanding of real-world physics and lighting with my software and creative skills has prepared me for a career producing mesmerizing 3D spaces. My procedural modeling and shading skills are highly developed and my experience in writing my own materials using VEX and OSL are extensive. My ability to incorporate finely detailed texture overlays, ambient occlusion, and volumetric lighting add exceptional depth and realism to a project.

My aspiration is to earn a position in an environment that utilizes collaboration and communication skills in a group setting. Ultimately, I plan to have a career as an FX or 3D environment artist at a production studio working on animated projects. In my free time I enjoy being outdoors, taking time away from technology to be inspired by nature. I have a passion for shooting architecture and landscape photography. Travel is important to me, as is seeking out ways to incorporate my love for the outdoors into what I create as a digital artist.

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